Profile of the ART Group:
System solutions in electrical engineering and
mechatronics from a single source

The ART Group consists of three companies, spread across three locations in Europe: the ART Antriebs- und Regeltechnik GmbH in Hockenheim, ABW Metalltechnik GmbH in Weingarten and ART Plakowice Sp. z o.o in Lower Silesia in Poland. Through this mix of German and Eastern European locations, we’re able to offer our services at competitive prices.


We continuously develop the capabilities of the group and optimize our production processes. This enables us to create and leverage synergies for the benefit of our customers. ART Holding GmbH, also based in Hockenheim, also assists in that process.


With some 500 employees, we generate almost 60 million euros in sales.


We provide our customers with housing technology, electrotechnical systems such as controller and switchboards, cable harness systems and wiring products, assemblies and mechatronic systems.


In many cases we design the supply chain together with our customers, taking into account their particular requirements and coordinating them across the various phases of the product lifecycle. Our customers benefit from our interdisciplinary expertise and can depend on a collaboration based on a spirit of partnership and long-term commitment.

Strategic partnerships

As a strategic partner of many years’ standing, we’ve been able to gain the confidence of global players, innovators and market leaders with our process expertise. They challenge us as a manufacturing specialist with demanding projects. Here are a few of our established partners, some of which we have had for decades:

Strong together:

The companies of the ART Group

ART Hockenheim

Since its founding in 1955, the name ART has stood for quality, expertise, reliability and flexibility. ART is a solution-oriented system provider for economical outsourcing of production processes in electrical engineering and mechatronics.


The company is distinguished by its outstanding, comprehensive process expertise engendered by the targeted combination of group capabilities. ART has been headquartered in the motor racing city of Hockenheim since 1968.
ART Płakowice

The company has had a branch in Płakowice near Lwówek Śląski (Löwenberg) in the Lower Silesia Province of Poland since 1995. This is where the lion’s share of the group’s value creation takes place. The production facility is well equipped and flexibly organized. It has a close logistical connection with the group’s German locations.
ART Płakowice also maintains an extensive base of direct customers.
ABW Metalltechnik

ABW Metalltechnik has been a part of the ART Group since 1962. Our customers benefit from its exceptional expertise in sheet metal processing and finishing. ABW masters all common procedures such as punching, Laser processing and bending as well as surface finishing. The company manufactures in Weingarten, Hockenheim and in Plakowice (Polen).


If necessary, ABW draws on the group capabilities in the fields of cabling technology and electrical engineering.